Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storm chase pictures from today.

 A very fun chase day, not the best but it was fun...Traveled many miles..Many Counties today, on very little sleep.I went way back old school today. I didn't use a nowcaster nor any model data out on the road no radar nothing...To be honset I was not in the best of moods running on 1 hr of sleep.I really didn't feel like talking to anyone when I was out chasing..You know what it was the best chase I have had in a long time,like years as far as not having to worry about the radar calling my nowcaster or them bugging me..Yes I did have the celly with just in case I needed to make a call...Three things I used today.1 my eyes the best tools a chaser has!!...2. my scannner with the weather radio going... 3 My training and gut feeling....After today I may just go right back to the very old school way of chasing...Was nice to be one with the storms! Here is some of what I got...I got alot more but them pictures won't be posted here or on FB...Thems will be for sell!