Friday, March 13, 2009

Aurora Borealis

What a night last night...I got to get some pictures of the Aurora Borealis AKA the Northern lights...It has been some time since we down here in the Middle latitudes really got to see any of them...Mainly do to the fact the sun has been sleeping..There was a few times when we had a shot as seeing the Northern Lights,however the clouds put the damper on the fire...I was looking at some things on the computer last night,and around 9 PM I noticed the KP was starting to get closer to 5...I really didn't think to much of it...Then about 9:05 PM the KP shot right up to 5 then I got some alerts in my email...I hurried up got all my camera things ready to go...I was outside by 9:08 PM...Got set up and started to take pictures of the ARC..By all means this was not the even close to being a great show..Still it gave me time to play around with my Digital Rebel XT Canon camera and my new lens I got this past week...So far I'm really happy with my camera, it was well worth the money I stuck into everything...It did really well in the sub zero Arctic air..-3 below when I was out there..Temp did seem to warm up some...I'm glad it wasn't Wed night it was -15 here....Some will ask me if I will sell my 35 mm film cameras..I say no way..I will still use them for the great shows along with my digital camera..I got over $3,500.00 stuck into them cameras...Though I'm getting close to that mark with this camera now...
Again this was not the best show,nevertheless it was fun being able to see the Northern Lights,though it was just the arc....Click on pictures to see full size images.