Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hail pictures with a story to why the blurry pictures

First off we will start with the hail pictures...I'm almost ashamed to put these up..However there is a funny story behind this...After I got back home from my chase.I though I would try to get some lighting pictures...Well for awhile nothing there was working out to good for me,that did change see other post for them...Anyway so I got the camera on the tripod..Out of now where is started to hail,no rain at that point just hail..Without thinking I pointed the camera down a little and took these pictures.I reached down a grabbed some of the hail and once again shot snapped off a picture..By this time the some of the hail stones were getting as big as quarters.So I ran into my garage, put some hail stones on the table .Then I called this into the NWS..Well after I got off the phone I took some pictures of it on the table,by that time the hail was melted down to around 3/4s of an inch..Found my ruler and snapped off another picture...While doing all of this yes I forgot to refocus the darn camera,,Hence the blurry pictures...Yes I did get beamed a few times,and yes it did hurt!