Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pictures/update on yesterdays very small problem

With that very small probelm going on yesterday, I forgot to post these pictures of yesterday's snow fall...Picture were taking around the 9 AM hour...At that time we had 1.50 inches..Hard to tell in the pictures..I was going to take a picture of the rule again,but forgot about it until now...To late now.We ended up with 1.75 inches of snow.Some of the snow flakes were as big a half dollars..As always click on the picture to see a bigger one....

Update on small problem seems like it has been taking care of,I did unban her,but she never went after me..So I think she has learned not to mess with my blog...I will be deleting all that crap....By now everyone knows how crazy she is..With all the emails comming in today everyone sure does agree...Thanks much really means a lot to me..