Monday, April 27, 2009

Reasons for no forecast today and maybe tomorrow

As stated in the subject line...Today was a day I wanted to redo my website...I looked at the computer models really not that much has changed...Middle 50s to around 60 through the week with lows in the middle 30 to around 40...Nest chance of thunderstorms come in around Wed and holds right through Thur night...Just a small chance of showers Fri...The weekend looks dry and still temps in the cool side..So the cool spring lives on....There that was a fast forecast...Back to the reason for not a detailed forecast.Like I have said, I was working on my website today spent about 10 hours ...Will work on it tomorrow once again..So don't count on a detailed forecast...Most of the work I did today was on paper,and offline,though I did add the April 24 th pictures and the lightning pictures to the site...If things go right, tomorrow everyone should see a big change to my site..