Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fast forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

Arctic cold front is pushing its way through the FA… Temps may raise a few degrees, however do suspect they will start to fall this afternoon… Wind will start to pick up out of the North/Northwest if they haven’t already at your location. Should be around 10 to 20 MPH… Tonight is the main story very cold temps and dangerous wind chill values are excepted…. Temps could easy fall to -30 to -20 across the FA with wind chill readings from – 50 to -30….. This will be dependant on if the clouds can stay out of the area tonight from a short wave moving in…. Along with winds remaining out of the North/Northwest most of the night…. If winds do switch and clouds move in faster than thinking temps will be somewhat warmer… Still nevertheless cold…. Back in Dec we had a reading of -24 below here at the office, with – 20 below temps throughout much of the FA with a few readings -25 below… Those reading do have a good chance at falling by the wayside tonight… Again if winds switch and clouds move in faster them temps will remain safe, as WAA could kick in during the overnight time hrs after 1 or 2 AM… Something we will have to watch…This will not be a long last Arctic blast.. By the weekend temps warm back up to the lower teens…. By Monday lower 20s…. As forecast as it middle 20s by midweek of next week….

Still see no reason to change ongoing forecast…. Longer term still looks on track as models have been in very good agreement in the longer term various short term and midterm…

So no big snowstorms as of yet just a few weak short waves from time to time that could produce 1 to 3 inches of snow off and on…. Don’t think we will see LES this far South this time around as we have seen over the last few days which is interesting… ½ to around an inch as falling in Barron, and Rusk Counties from LES and of coarse points Northwards…. No long lasting Arctic outbreaks either…. No big thaws in the forecast either… Looking at the CPC 6 to 14 day outlooks… Temps will average to near to slightly below norms with precip near to slightly below norms…. So ongoing longer term forecast is great shape and won’t change it…..

Will update forecast either later today or tomorrow along with extending the longer term to meet the Lorng term forecast model dates and times…..