Friday, January 14, 2011

Short term updata number 3 plus pictures.

Very heavy snow falling within the 2- 4 inches marked on the map... Light to mod snow falling in the 1 to 3 inches areas marked on the map... Look for heavy snow to fall in the same area as it has been over the last few hrs.... May see some breaks in the action before the area fills back in once again... Meanwhile look for mod to light snow to keep falling South of a line from Nothern Polk County,through Central Barron and Rusk Counties..... This area should see snows begin to end around over the next few hrs or so.... North of this line as stated above should see snows lighten up and end for a short time before filling back in...Here the snow should becoming to an end around 12 to 1  AM.......So far as of 7:30 PM here at the office 3.50 inches of snow as falling still snowing very hard... Rds are bad so slow down if out and about this evening.