Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI/updated snowfall map.

Big changes to the forecasted snowfall map... Models have really speeded this system up, Which in return will lower snowfall amount... My far Southern areas will be in the best moisture and lift to see more snowfall,however there also a chance at some freezing light drizzle or rain and sleet...This would also hold the snow amounts down from their current forecast levels....Will run with 1 to 3 inches with some areas picking up close to if not 4 inches in my Northern areas... Here there will be some forcing and lift.... 1 to 2 inches for the rest of the FA with a few areas picking up to close to if not 3 inches will be highly unlikely for the 3 inch though...Cold air will blast back into the area faster then thought which will also help keep snowfall rates at bay....Now if things slow down once again we will go back to our first snowfall map issued this morning of the 16th.

Your forecast...
TONIGHT…. Mostly cloudy snow likely later lows around  5 and rising Winds South/Southeast 10 to 20 MPH with higher gust.

MONDAY…. Mostly cloudy snow likely see snowfall map below... highs  18 to 23

MONDAY NIGHT… Cloudy snow ending lows around 5 to 8

TUEDAY….Partly cloudy highs 8 to 11
TUESDAY NIGHT… Partly cloudy lows -15 to -8.

 WEDNESDAY…. Partly sunny cold highs 0 to 10 Lows -20 to -10… Slight chance of snow for Wednesday night….Lows -10 to -5

THURSDAY THROUGH FRIDAY…. Partly cloudy … Highs in the single digits  lows -6 to +2
Will leave the long term forecast stand as everything seems to still be in place.. We are watching for a possible warmer air mas to great us at the start of FEB... We shall see... See no reason to get to excited about this right now...


Next chance of snow comes back into the forecast on the 23/24 time frame per 00z computer model runs… The track of this as of right now would put the heavier snow just South of the FA… Next system hits around the 26th as WAA kicks in… Temps do warm to near norms by the 26 and 27th before another Arctic front dives Southwards … With that there will be another shot of light snow the 27/28th time frame… Next system moves in for the late 29/30th time frame… So to recap the longer term….. Off and on light snows and temps will be up and down as well….. No big winter storms or no big warm ups in the this forecast cycle, as the Northwesterly flow keeps alive for most of this time frame….