Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today was not the coldest day so far this winter for the FA see below

Wow so many emails just came into the office over the last ½ hr asking is this the coldest air so far this winter?

The answer to this is easy…NO this is not the coldest air so far this winter… How people forget back in Dec around the 13th /14 we had a high of -3 here at the office and the Airport reported a high of -1 Highs stayed below zero for most of the forecast area….. Lows fell to -24 to -20 throughout much of the forecast area……. The thing about today is the wind which made it feel colder then it really was… Sure highs been falling since early this morning to -5 at 5:11 PM….Now tonight we have a chance at seeing the coldest low so far this winter… With temps forecasted to fall from -30 to -20 throughout the FA…

Highs are forecasted to be slightly above zero tomorrow…..So with that said this is not the coldest we have seen during the daytime hours…. Tonight we could see our coldest night time lows…Temps would have to get to at least – 21 for most areas and some will have to drop to at least -25…. There is a good chance at this…. Again it was the wind chills today that made it feel like the coldest air thus far this winter… In real it not…. Not sure where everyone got that info from….