Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forecast in good standing

Forecast update….None really needed...Will have to watch the temps though they may be a tricky.

All in all previous forecast is in good shape…Will keep with the same thinking as previous forecaster… No snowstorms as far as the eye can see… No big warm ups as far as the eye can see….Computer models are not hinting at a warm up at the end of this month…Though some forecasting sites are claiming it.. I don’t see it at all…. I see cold air locked in place right through the end of the month… Even the CPC is forecasting the same with its 6 to 14 day outlook…So with the computer model data, CPC, and HPC.. No big warm-ups . Temps should get back closer to norms by the end of the month but still not above average…

Will keep snowfall totals the same as previous forecaster has them… I was going to make a map however the text explains it and has it pinpointed down and it matches with all the real time and computer model data I’m looking at right now.. So I will not issue a map either,for Friday afternoon into Friday night… Timing looks to be right on target in the forecast below… I’m thinking about going a few degrees colder in the later periods of the forecast, right now will leave it stand… Will discuss with Dirk when he gets back into the office….

Forecaster Paul…<<<