Saturday, January 15, 2011

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

Ongoing forecast doesn’t look to bad… Though there are a few problems with the Sunday night/Monday morning’s storm system… 1 models have speeded up this system 2. Models are a little weaker with said system now… So will not issue a snowfall map to do some low level confidence … If model trend keeps with fast and weaker solution this would be 1to 3 inches of snow for the FA….Will wait for some more data before making that call… Still see no big snowstorms, no big warm ups….Though any 20 degree days we see will sure feel nice.Temps will be a problem…If we can get more breaks in the clouds for tonight we could see temps drop into the teens below zero….Will run with single digits below zero for now.

Also note when we say no big warm ups we are talking about temps above 32 degrees.

TODAY… Mostly cloudy a few flurries here and there,some sunshine to brighten your day… Highs 10 to 15…Winds North/Northwest around 10 to 15 MPH….Lows -10 to -5

TONIGHT…. Mostly cloudy lows around -5 Winds North/Northwest becoming calm.

SUNDAY…. Mostly cloudy highs 5 to 10 …

SUNDAY NIGHT… Cloudy with snow likely

MONDAY…. Cloudy snow likely in the morning, otherwise a chance of light snow/flurries in the afternoon…. Highs middle teens to lower 20s…

MONDAY NIGHT… some light snow then ending lows either side of zero.

TUESDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY…. Partly sunny cold highs 0 to 10 Lows -20 to -10… Slight chance of snow for Wednesday night….

THURSDAY THROUGH FRIDAY…. Partly cloudy may be some light snow of Friday we will have to watch for that… Highs in the single digits to lower teens lows -15 to +5.

Will leave the long term forecast stand as everything seems to still be in place..


Next chance of snow comes back into the forecast on the 23/24 time frame per 00z computer model runs… The track of this as of right now would put the heavier snow just South of the FA… Next system hits around the 26th as WAA kicks in… Temps do warm to near norms by the 26 and 27th before another Arctic front dives Southwards … With that there will be another shot of light snow the 27/28th time frame… Next system moves in for the late 29/30th time frame… So to recap the longer term….. Off and on light snows and temps will be up and down as well….. No big winter storms or no big warm ups in the this forecast cycle, as the Northwesterly flow keeps alive for most of this time frame….