Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27 part 2 chase log/pictures

Not to much to say..I was going to go fishing out at silver lake,however after looking at the radar and seeing strong storms over in MN I decide to wait to see what has going to happen with them...Well the storms got into Polk County,I headed out,stop by silver lake to see how many people were out there in case I could go fishing after the storms past...Ended up staying there for a little talking with one of the guys who does fish surveys...I did get out of there and headed west on B then turned South on 10th street..That's where I ended up taken these pictures..Got gust fronted for like the 5 time...That was fun,though the winds were not bad,did get into some more heavy rain...Again I will have the pictures on my website sometime this week..Will try to get them up tomorrow..