Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forecast worked out really well

All in all the FCST work out as thought..However thunderstorms in my Northern FA were warned ..Overall everything worked out just fine and dandy.Some areas did get the much needed rainfall..
Also would like to thank the 250 plus viewers that hit my blog from 4 pm to 10 pm hours...Thanks for all the emails! Yes I will never over hype a severe weather threat,unless I really do think it will happen and be widespread...Tonight showed that well,was not a widespread weather threat like some where screaming..
As far as the other blog that was mentioned..All I can say take it up him.I have no comment about what he says or posts..
I do agree the posting of the radar might have been a to try to prove me wrong,as I never seen that posted before. Still no biggie like I stated in the one of my last updates "will have to watch Burnett County"...Well Tammy and I were out trying to get lightning pictures.And were heading back out again once the storms move to the East.So I was not around to see what was going on ATM...However the forecast worked out great..But I do thank Ray for telling me about it...like you all have said you in your emails you trust me when it comes to forecasting the weather along with short term updates...Don't get used to the short term forecast though..If this would have been a widespread severe event I would have been out chasing...Thanks again everyone...Time to head for some lightning shots we hope!