Thursday, July 9, 2009

The real story

Ok trying to save face here...Since Tammy had to open her big mouth on the cbox thing..Here is what really happen...I was walking back to my spot in the front of the boat,well that damn trolling motor cable decided to reach out and grab my foot..So I ended up going swimming with my fishing pole in hand..Not by choice either.To make a long story short Tammy and her Dad were laughing so hard they didn't even help me...So I had to figure out how to treed water and get back to boat..There was no way I was going to let my rod and reel sink to the bottom of the lake..Well I got back to the boat threw my rod and reel into the boat and got my self out of the water..That is when I froze..Should have just stayed in the water it was warmer...I hate both you now Tammy...J/K! ! So now you know the real story..