Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you everyone!/ No forecasts today or tomorrow..

Thanks to you all for having me over yesterday late afternoon into the early evening hrs...Sure did mean a lot to me...Not much more I can say then that...No I didn't sleep that much about an 1 1/2..I had to go through all the pictures I took last night...Still thinking about heading North today...As far as sleep being my friend well I sure don't think that's the case....I still think sleep is over rated,but again I may very well be wrong on it...Winter time is when I get the so called good sleep about 6 hrs/night..
Again thanks everyone for having me over,I did really enjoy it,got to meet some interesting people...I'm sure most think I'm nuts after they found out I'm a storm chaser...I felt like I was giving a talk about it...As everyone seemed to really interesting...So sorry for steeling the show.Not sure why that happens,seems like every place I go it's the same old song and dance..As it seemed storm chasing and the Northern lights were the main topic..I don't mind talking about as everyone saw..

I will not be forecasting today or tomorrow...I need two days off....